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With a proven track record of financial growth and operations
expertise, we show you how to drive top-line revenues
while eliminating waste and hidden costs

Asset Management:
Whether you are a financial institution looking to create value in order to get an asset ready for sale, an individual investor looking for assistance in growing your profitability and property value or an owner looking to protect your asset value and maximize cash flow, we can assist. With a proven track record of financial growth, technical and operational expertise, we provide insight on how to drive top line revenues while operationally eliminating waste and hidden costs. 

  • Analysis of your competitive marketplace that finds opportunities to grow property performance
  • Comparative overview of costs bench-marked against the industry and your competition 
  • Financial performance reviews to identify opportunities to grow your bottom line
  • Evaluation of existing management vendors to ensure compliance with brand standards
  • Management of owner interests in vendor/developer contract agreements
  • Evaluation of physical assets to develop a capital plan that maintains/ increases asset value while providing a realistic return on ownership investment
  • Maximization of your cash flow while maintaining or increasing the value of existing assets

New Property Development or Conversion Consulting:
Whether you're looking to convert an existing property or build new from the ground up, we can assist with your projects. With countless projects managed here and abroad we have the expertise you're looking for.
  • Oversight of the development planning process including concept development and property (brand) positioning
  • Assistance in space programming to maximize operational efficiency and lower construction costs
  • Coordination and feedback with all project consultants including architects, project managers, interior designers, and specialty consultants
  • Assistance in reviewing any brand or franchise recommendations and agreements
  • Assistance in putting together purchasing programs and finalizing IT requirements
  • Complete review of investment analysis to determine validity, upside or risks

Project Management and Capital Project Planning:
When dealing with a franchise organization or an individual investor, it's important that your capital planning process fits within a prescribed FFE (Financial Front End) reserve or budget. In addition to oversight of existing project managers, as your representative, we ensure your investment is on time and on budget.
  • Preliminary review of any brand PIP (Performance Improvement Plan), as well as assisting in negotiating timing and content
  • Confirmation of project costs through competitive bidding process, this includes oversight of third party project managers
  • Assistance in a financial analysis to justify expenditures that is based on the four basic tenets; Safety/Security, Brand, Customer, Asset Value Improvement
  • Assistance in validating and developing a comprehensive, 10-year capital plan through analysis of historical capital spending and current property needs
  • Coordinate an engineering analysis of property infrastructure, to estimate useful life of current infrastructure and potential (expensive) replacement needs

Hotel Pre-Opening Consulting:
From the conceptual planning process, through permitting, plan development, construction and properly opening, we insure a smooth transition from concept to reality. Opening a property is like sailing through reefs, it helps to have someone at the helm who knows what they're doing.
  • Review franchise options and PIP’s for major conversion projects and new property development, assisting in negotiating terms and agreements
  • Review and provide recommendations of management companies based on their operational expertise
  • Provide technical services relating to space programming, model rooms, OSE (Operation Support Equipment) and pre-opening budgets
  • Review and develop pre-opening critical paths, sales and marketing strategies including but not limited to sales force deployment, web strategies, social media strategies and pre-opening public relations
  • Review all third party leases and agreements to ensure they are favorable to the owners
  • Manage any rights guaranteed under franchise or management agreements

PCI Compliance:

One of the newest regulations to come out of the financial crisis is the security of personal card information.  More and more, cardholder data thieves are targeting your business. You may be required by state law to protect the data information of your customers. If so, we will implement the procedures to ensure your hotel and customers are protected. 

  • Understand the potential consequences of a data card breach
  • Review, audit and identify potential risks in existing card payment processing systems
  • Understand the standards of PCI compliance
  • Become PCI compliant via technology upgrades and process implementation
  • Establish criteria for:
    • Regular monitoring and testing of your network security
    • Preparation of an onsite PCI compliance assessment
    • Choosing a qualified security assessor
    • Select an approved scanning vendor

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